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Strange headache ?

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1Strange headache ? Empty Strange headache ? Mon Apr 13, 2009 1:33 pm



Does anyone else with Aspergers, or Autism have these weird headaches that occur in the very back of your head, then over to the left or right side...if you push on it, it relieves the pain...but the pain does radiate to the temples sometimes? I have these almost daily, along with backpain... I just wanted to find a common denominator to these headaches. I have one now, it's not fun. I literally bruise myself from pushing so hard on these headaches to relieve the pain.
Thanks for any answers, Kim

2Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Tue Apr 14, 2009 12:36 am



Meh... I've been afflicted with migraines pretty much since my early teens, I can't say if there's any correlation there or not. I get them on my left a lot, and yeah, sometimes pressing on them (sometimes to the point of bruising) seems to help... I've been on pretty much all the migraine medications known to man without any relief, so I pretty much can't give you any help there. About the only thing that seems to help is absolute dark & quiet. Oh, and narcotics sometimes seem to help. lol... I also have upper back pain, I've had that as a constant issue since about the time Richard was born, my docs all think it's in my head. I've done physical therapy twice for it as well as nerve blocks and chiropractic medicine. The best I can get is temporary mild relief. We're currently looking into the possibility for psoriatic arthritis. Not fun. I totally feel your pain,which is what I mean to say.

3Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:46 pm



Had to go to the freeking ER tonight... they knocked me out!! Demerol,reglan,benedryl, and I don't know what else into the IV. Sent me home with a script of Imitrex 25mg and a referrel to see a neurologist. Dr. Terzigni. Any exp with Neurologists? or Imitrex?

4Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Tue Apr 14, 2009 2:46 pm



Never had any luck with imitrex, or any of its derivatives. I've tried it several times, and have tons of unused samples if it works for you... MMmmmm... demerol. Fun stuff, that! And reglan? That's a tummy medication. You must have been to the point of puking. ick. (can you tell I've been there before? lol...) No, I've never been to a neurologist, my primary care always seemed content to handle it themeselves, but I have had CT and MRI scans done with no abnormalities. Likely stress induced migraines, the underlying cause.

5Strange headache ? Empty Strange Headaches Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:34 am


I've gotten terrible headaches for years. Always on my right side, usually over the temple but often extending into my neck and shoulder. My primary care doctor doesn't take it seriously and won't refer me to a specialist. I've seen an optometrist, tried painkillers, sinus medicine, all with no improvement. The only thing that provides me any relief is lying on my back on the floor (has to be a hard surface), preferably in a dark room. You have my sympathy, it's very frustrating.


6Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Sun Apr 19, 2009 2:24 pm



Thanks everyone... Imitrex does NOT work. Thank god for insurance, I had a $6 copay, but without insurance it's 386 DOLLARS for 12 little pills!! I have a migraine coming on again tonight, had a BAD one earlier today. This is ridiculous, and painful. I'm guessing it could be stress because we are moving, I don't know...all I know is my "old" remedy used to work, but the hospital told me not to do it anymore..which was 4 tylenol plus 4 advil. That got rid of it, but they said that is too much tylenol and could cause liver damage Suspect If they don't go away soon, I'll make the stupid appointment with the neurologist, I just don't want to... A neurologist?!?!?! I don't know, that just freaks me out. I'll see if a back adjustment doesn't help first. When I think of neurology, I think of brain surgery.. not cool. By next weekend this moving hassle will be OVER....... Strange headache ? 34687 We got the storage unit today, so things are getting in place. I'm not going to the ER for it anymore either, once I was knocked out, I was okay of course, but I was fighting going to sleep, and it was freaky.. I could feel the IV drip coldness in my veins, it was gross, but weird too. Then they put benedryl in it, I was too messed up to talk, but that stuff makes me jerky.. no, I'll deal with it... Then I have my "ever so supportive" grandma *note the sarcasm* tell me today that I problalby have some tumor in my brain from all the diet coke I drink.. YEAH..OK. She likes to scare me, but I didn't let her comments effect me today. She also believes I have anxiety because I am a caring person, and I am blessed.. does that even make sense?!Exclamation! I love her though, but she can be odd.

7Strange headache ? Empty Research Study Sun Apr 19, 2009 2:26 pm



Ok, so all three of us have A.S. , and we all get these same headaches.. this should be studied to find out why. **hint hint Dr Ron** flower

8Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:54 pm



Ugh. Stupid headaches. Maybe there should be a study, but I'm willing to bet they're more anxiety type headaches brought on by all of the anxieties and stressors of the asperger's itself and is merely a symptom/side effect of AS. I had a headache all week due to stress this last week as it was my last week of work and it was just plain BS and totally stressful. I woke up every morning with my teeth clenched and my head pounding. Also my back has flared up to the max and I've just been a wreck. So again, I put it all down to stress and anxiety. This is kinda why I'm betting the migraine meds never work. While the headaches are migraine strength at times, they may not be "classic" migraines, if you know what I mean. Thankfully, my vicoden gets refilled today and I'll have some relief though. How do you spell relief? v-i-c-o-d-e-n. lol.... That's something I'd expect Dr. House to say.

9Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:39 pm



LOL!! Vicodin definitily works Very Happy I don't have a primary since mine was an no vicodin for me. Yeah, Dr. House would give me some!!! Butthole, but I still love him I love you If only he was a real doctor =D So, did you get laid off? or quit? I'm NOSEY, I know..

yeah, and about that study...lets put all 3 of us on Vicodin, every 4 hours... I bet it will help the general "depression and anxiety" that goes along with A.S. also " Strange headache ? 429594 Vicodin and HBOT... YES!!! lol!

10Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:24 am



I was "let go" due to absenteeism. I've missed a lot of work lately because of a) Richard's autism, mainly him missing school because of his behavior therefore me having to stay home with him or me having to go in late so I can help get him into school and b) my own recent health issues have escalated and I've had numerous appointments and sick days. Everything was fine, they told me time after time that my family and health comes first, that they had my back no matter what. Every time I brought it up, they said "no problem." Then, basically Bryn-Alan went out of business and we (Reedy photoprocess) got in several of their applicants. Shortly after that, I was "let go." I'd been there for nearly 3 years and I had no warning of this coming.

But, get this. He let me go with 2 1/2 weeks notice, with all of my paid time off paid to me, a glowing letter of recommendation and a status of rehirable. In the same sentence that he told me he was firing me, he told me that I was one of the top 3 employees in the company. All of my reviews have been exceptional (except last year, no one got reviews or raises.... even though they are one of the few companies in the black and making profits.) Sure, I'd been going through a rough patch.... but I got no warning, no disciplinary action, no probation, no ideas on how to fix the problem.... just get the f out. Doesn't matter how good of a job you've done for us, hit the road jack. Go f-ing figure. Oh, and for the last week and a half I was there, I got to train my replacement. Joy.

Basically, what it amounts to is they got 2 people from Bryn-Alan willing to work for less money than the two of us that were let go, and a third one of us had quit to move out to California. So these 2 are supposed to replace the 3 of us. You see, it's all business politics. And really the only reason I'd stayed at that place so long was because they were so flexible and stable... not because I really enjoyed my work. They sure fooled the hell out of me.

Oh.... and if you'd like a good Dr., try Dr. Bellingar (397-1559). She's been my primary since I was like 16 or so. She's awesome. It's a busy office, so you usually can count on a wait... but it's worth it for a competent doc.

11Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:36 am



Thx, I 'll give her office a call. Ya know, they are doing that in ALOT of companies. My mom is currently doing the same thing you did last week, then she will be transferred to TAMPA for LESS PAY!!! They said yadayada good employee... but she is higher paid since she's been there 10yrs. Either she would be laid off, or have to relocate. She's TERRIFIED of driving to Tampa, so she's bummed to say the least, but she said better a job than no job.. I bet it had nothing to do with you missing work...they're just looking at the $. Oh, I almost forgot, I need to talk to Richards teacher.. I talked with Early Steps, they don't think she'll qualify for 3yr old school because of how verbal she is, tested again for 8yr receptive, 4yr level of talking. But...when she is 4, they suggest I get her into a good classroom. They don't feel she'll be able to handle "typical" kindergarten....or typical pre K. But she sucks with change, so to get her ready for kindergarten, preK would be very good. They said I should talk to her and see if she'll have room in her class, and I have to enroll her in school after she turns 3. They said if they put her in the 3yr old class, it would be a behavior class??? No, doesn't sound good, plus I stay home anyway. I'm in no rush, although since Kindergarten is mandentory, she'll need some time to adjust to going everyday so I agreed to PreK. She'll be in occupational therapy until she's 4.

12Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:36 pm



Sorry to hear about your mom... I don't think it should be legal for companies to do that. It's just wrong. And you know companies are just using the excuse that it's just business or that they're losing money... but the simple fact remains that employee morale and product quality will continue to decrease as long as they keep doing this. Hopefully, eventually the companies will realize what a terrible mistake it is to treat their employees this way.

As far as the school system goes... If Kaylie is in Early Steps, it doesn't matter what area she is delayed in, even if she is super verbal, as long as she is delayed in one area at least 25%, she is qualified for a continuance of services and should be grandfathered into the public school system. You should be hounding them constantly to give her an exit evaluation so you can get a meeting with the FDLRS team ( right away and discuss placement and an IEP and a school evaluation. See, this is where we fell through the cracks and didn't get placement until Richard was 3 1/2.

Richard's class is considered "IVE" or Independent Varied Exceptionalities, meaning every child has a disability or delay of some kind. It's not necessarily a "behavior" class. Although, this year 4 of the 8 kids have autism, that's a rather high percentage. Last year, Richard was the only one. Actually, there might have been 2. Out of 9. But there's a little girl with Downs syndrome, last year there was a girl with only one leg, this year there's a boy with a seizure disorder. Basically the point of the class is kind of learning from each other's strengths and weaknesses. It's actually pretty darn cool. You wouldn't want to put her in an autistic unit, that would definitely drag her down. IVE sounds right up her alley. Low student/teacher ratio, higher learning curve.

I will give you Ms. Nancy's email (, she really would have nothing to do with enrolling Kaylie. You would either have to deal directly with the school or with Early Steps and FDLRS. It's a government operation.... which means there's all kinds of red tape to cut and hoops to jump through. I would ask you to contact Ms. Nancy as a last resort though, she's going through a bit of a personal issue at the moment and has a lot on her plate... She mentioned to me she may not be able to make it to the group for a while due to this. Just FYI. If you have any specific questions, I may be able to ask her for you though.

13Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:11 am



See, early intervention didn't tell me any of that, they just said that "if" she was placed, she'd be in a behavior class *exact words* Then I was telling her a little about Richards teacher and how good she was, and she said "yes, contact her" URRGHH!! She never even mentioned another eval. Butt heads. They never mentioned IVE class. Guess I have some calls to make. Thanks for all the info!!!

14Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Wed Apr 22, 2009 8:16 pm



They're just trying to get out of doing work. Don't let them jerk you around. Make sure you know your (and Kaylie's) rights. Ask a ton of questions. Things may have changed in the 2 years since Richard went through all of that mess, but I know they tried to drop us off the radar too. And I knew what to expect. If the first person plays dumb and doesn't give you the answers to your satisfaction, get a number to the next person in line. If you want, I can do some investigation and try and figure out who you need to talk to. But most of all, don't let them bully you into thinking that there's nothing left you can do.

15Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:52 am



Ok, next week I'll call them back after we are all moved in at moms and ask about the exit eval and about IVE class. If they say she doesn't need a re eval, then I'll insist on it. Because I don't know as of now, according to their test, if she is delayed. Thanks again Kelley for the info, you really know your stuff... Very Happy

16Strange headache ? Empty Re: Strange headache ? Thu Apr 23, 2009 11:21 am



Strange headache ? 404236 Strange headache ? 404236 I CAN NOT FIND THE WORDS TO EXPRESS HOW SICK I AM OF THESE MIGRAINES! IMITREX SUCKS! I'm too far into the migraine for the ibuprofin to work, I'm nausiated, but I REFUSE to Strange headache ? 518471 I DON'T and WONT. I hope the seroquel will kick in soon and knock me OUT! I wish someone had a 4" needle attached to a syringe of novacaine and had the guts to stick it into the very bottom of my head, on the right, maybe a half a inch above my neck.. NUMB IT! Arrow To add insult to injury, this commercial song is going over and over in my head "the heartbeat of today's chevrolet" I started getting a heartbeat in my head, and it triggered this ANNOYING song

Happy Happy JOY JOY.. I'm ready to fall asleep!!!

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