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AS is a very difficult diagnosis to make.

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1 AS is a very difficult diagnosis to make. on Tue Oct 06, 2009 11:52 am

Dr. Ron

Dr. Ron
Today I saw a mother with her young boy who has been diagnosed with having boderline Aspergers Syndrome and boderline ADHD. He has been dx at our clinic and also by the lead physician/psychiatrist at a large children's hosptial with having AS and yet his symptoms do not match Surprised the diagnostic criteria seen in the DSM-IVR. So does this mean he has or has not AS? What do you think.. Idea ..keeping in mind that I have a statement that I use when I am with the parents, "When you see one child with AS, you have only seen one child with AS." I believe that each child (or adult) has their own personality and each of us have our own idenity; thus following the specific guidelines of the DSM-IVR, etc. may not lead us to the proper diagnosis. Remember the guidelines were made by physicians that may not have the full picture. Question That's my story and I'm sticking to it. sunny
Dr. Ron

2 Re: AS is a very difficult diagnosis to make. on Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:14 am

man of a million names

Do all of his symptoms not match, or just some of them? And do you know if he seems to have any traits of any form of autism on the spectrum?

3 Re: AS is a very difficult diagnosis to make. on Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:04 pm


I think if they were to put all the "could be" symtoms of aspergers in a DSM, they would have to have a seperate BOOK for the DSM. From what I've seen so far, People with Aspergers seem to have a few things in common, but when it comes to quirks, we could each have 10 or more completely different things that are affecting our daily lives. **not all for the bad, just different that the norm/typical person**

why do you have ohio still?

4 Re: AS is a very difficult diagnosis to make. on Thu Oct 08, 2009 1:51 am


Perhaps he has both AS and ADHD... causing the confusing and conflicting diagnoses. I know Richard shows many signs and symptoms of ADHD, as did I as a child. ADHD runs in my family, my brother has it severely as did my dad and his brother (looking back now, knowing more about the disorder). But, at the same time... my brother and father also show a few autistic/asperger type symptoms as well... We know all too well that the symptoms overlap and it makes it hard sometimes to decide which is which, or again... maybe a bit of both.

Or did I just confuse everyone as much as I just confused myself?

5 Re: AS is a very difficult diagnosis to make. on Thu Oct 08, 2009 1:47 pm


Here are three different people, pretty sure my mom could be on the spectrum, she thinks so too, so in red could be all "symptoms" of aspergers LOL. Ps: Just so you know, Jeremy was dx with Low fuctioning childhood Autism, didn't talk until he was 10!!!! now he lives alone. A lot of work, but he got there, and is still working hard.. his goal is to be a pilot! mom for example, antisocial, unless DRUNK. Artist, routined, certain way of doing things, if it gets messed up, she freaks. Lack of SHOWING empathy. but she can work, function normally with no meds, she is organized, except for her house... paperwork and things are organized. She is the most responsible person I know. She also has alot of aspie traits, although since it doesn't affect her daily life in a negitive way, she wont' get treatment KWIM. Genious when tested. Sensory issues. No close friends, only bar friends... gets depressed but can't express emotion.

Me: Easy to express emotion, especially anger . I openly tell anyone that I am scared when I am. I tell some when I am having panic, not my mom so much because it seems to flustrate her since she can't fix it, I think. I express empathy. I over empathize and it can make me very very anxious where my pulse is 120 or higher, dizziness, etc!, NO artistic ablility, without meds I am a mess, not organized at all.. responsible when I have to be, more than that, I'm a safe driver, I'm a good citizen etc.. but when's the last time I did taxes?? ya, I don't know either. When's my next appt?? I don't know either.. hmm... where is the license, I don't know. I don't drink due to sensory issues/ I don't throw up or gag!!! yuck. My mom is not terrified of throwing up. She does not repeat her thoughts in her head like I describe either. SHe doesn' stim at all to my knowledge, and she had no problem really at the grocery, although she doesn't like it.

Jeremy: ps: he said I can talk about him on here

Narrow interests to the EXTREME!!! Routined, Socially isolated, gets overstimulated very easy, WANTS MORE FRIENDS, loves his friends... hates when strangers say hi to him, this sets him off into an outburst. Loves talking on the phone. No interest in the computer, organized, responsible, neat, funny, always wants to learn more and has goals. No meds anymore, just suppliments. Lives alone and likes it that way. No desire to have a roomate or spouse. Stims alot. Expresses ALL EMOTIONS, very caring, empathetic, sympathetic, loving etc.

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